[dns-operations] today's DNS ops meeting in San Jose

Yasuhiro Orange Morishita / 森下泰宏 yasuhiro at jprs.co.jp
Tue Jun 6 02:25:39 UTC 2006

>> Also, could the jabber room logs please be posted to that page as well?
> i didn't save them.  someone who did, plz e-mail to admin at oarc.isc.org.

Just I emailed whole of my jabber log file to above email address.
I believe that it contains almost of all session logs.

-- Orange

Yasuhiro 'Orange' Morishita
DNS Technical Engineer
Research and Development department, Japan Registry Services Co.,Ltd. (JPRS)
E-Mail: yasuhiro at jprs.co.jp / orange at jprs.co.jp

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