[dns-operations] New Mailing list hosted at OARC: as112-ops

Keith Mitchell keith at isc.org
Wed Dec 6 20:09:53 UTC 2006

Further to a request from the folks running the as112.net project, which
has its web site hosted by OARC, I have created a new mailing list
<as112-ops at lists.oarci.net>

This list is for:

"Co-ordinating operators of anycasted AS112 DNS servers for RFC1918
in-addr queries."

The policy for this list is in general open and public, but to avoid
bots getting in, any subscription requests will be vetted against the
list of known AS112 operators with drupal accounts on the
public.as112.net website, any not matching will be asked to verify their

To join, please go to:


This list is also accessible as <as112-ops at lists.as112.net> or
<ops at as112.net>

List administrators include myself, William F Maton Sotomayer and Joe Abley.

Or see:


for more info on the AS112 project.


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