[dns-operations] ``Ya.com says "The internet is mine" ''

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Tue Aug 8 23:02:09 UTC 2006

> At 11:17 PM +0200 8/8/06, Peter Dambier wrote:
> >ISPs that offer their own filtered version of DNS to their subscribers
> >are evil.
> Why?  Why is that not a legit business model?  Along the lines of 
> some people are willing to watch TV-censored movies.
> >There are applications arround that will break when they cannot find an
> >unpopulated space in DNS. They dont look in ".local" they try COM/NET/ORG
> >for whatever funny reason.
> I understand this.  But that doesn't make the ISP evil in as much as 
> it doesn't make the application evil.
> The point I'm arguing is that the subject is once again "making a 
> mole hill out of a mountain."  Maybe ya.com's practices will go the 
> way of other failed business models as customers try it and walk 
> away.  That makes it unprofitable, not evil and not the end of the 
> world.

	Can anyone here but me remember "*.EDU.COM"?  RFC 1535 was
	the result.  People have never liked the normal resolution
	process being mucked around with.  Why do people persist
	in trying to do so.


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