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John Cronin jcronin at frsrecruitment.com
Thu Dec 20 16:06:38 UTC 2012

Our client, an industry leading domain registry US MNC, is establishing its European HQ in Dublin and is now looking to recruit a Network Engineer to lead its European operations as it expands into the European market.
The company currently employs 20 people in the USA, and is looking to employ 20 technical staff in Dublin City Centre in the next couple of months.
The company is one of the leading international domain registry infrastructural organisations and puts the domain name registry in place for a number of top-level domains.

Job Description
Reports to the Network Operations Manager.
The Network Engineer manages all aspects of network engineering and maintains computer hardware and network infrastructure for the registry.
Performs system administration functions, maintains and updates switch configurations, Virtual Private Network, firewall, and load balancer rules.
Responsible for maintaining secondary failover connectivity, all network connectivity, and backup power supply.
Monitors hardware systems for health, troubleshoot errors, initiates backup hardware and installs new hardware as necessary.

Key Responsibilities
*         Analyzes system logs and identifies potential issues with computer systems
*         Introduces and integrates new technologies into existing data center environments
*         Performs routine audits of systems and software
*         Performs backups
*         Applies operating system updates, patches, and configuration changes
*         Installs and configures new hardware and software
*         Adds, removes, or updates user ssh, sftp, account information, reset passwords, etc.
*         Answers technical queries at tier three levels
*         Performs necessary security processes consistent with company policies and includes user management and security monitoring and response
*         Documents the configuration of the system
*         Troubleshoots any reported problems
*         Responsible for system performance tuning
*         Ensures network infrastructure is up and running
*         Ensures licenses are paid for and up to date
*         Maintains the standards for server installations and applications
*         Ensures best practice data management
*         Reports to the Network Operations Manager.

Required Skills/Experience
Experience with some of the following is highly desired:
*         Dell servers
*         Cisco switches
*         Barracuda load balancers
*         Firewalls
*         NAS storage devices
*         DRAC
*         Understanding of power consumption
*         Hardware setup
*         BGP routing
*         Cross-connect
*         Network design & configuration
*         Network traffic analysis
*         Monitoring
*         Software, TOOLS, OS, & Languages

Experienced Iin
o    Linux (CENTOS) / Unix
o    BSD
o    MacOSX
o    Korn/Bash/C Shell/Ruby/Python
o    Puppet or Chef
o    Veritas NetBackup
o    Java
o    JDBC
o    C / C++
o    VMWare/Virtualization experience
o    Postgrsql

*         Minimum 3 to 5 years experience in network operations
*         System Administration certifications are desirable
*         Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and a proven ability to compose clear reports, summaries and other written communication
*         Able to work independently
*         Must be a quick learner
 Send CVs to John Cronin Recruitment Manager at jcronin at frsrecruitment.com or call 00 353 1 834 0035

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