[Collisions] Relocation of DITL 2013 data

Carsten Schiefner dotberlin.cs at schiefner.de
Mon Feb 17 13:56:46 UTC 2014

Jim, William & all -	

>> Furthermore and just to keep being on the safe side: could you
>> please also confirm that all the DITL dirs underneath
>> /mnt/oarc-pool3/collisions/by-tld stay where they are?
> Here's a better idea.
> Create a directory on each of the compute servers, say /DITL. Put
> symlinks there for each year pointing at whereever the data sets are
> actually stored/mounted. That way, nobody other than William needs to
> know or care about how the actual storage is organised today or how
> it might get reorganised tomorrow. ie If I want to get to the 2013
> data, I just cd to /DITL/2013.

that certainly would work for me.

Provided that "processed" DITL data as currently available underneath 
/mnt/oarc-pool3/collisions/by-tld stays distinct from raw DITL data.

Thanks and best


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