[Collisions] Locating collision data

Kevin White kwhite at jasadvisors.com
Mon Nov 4 14:30:13 UTC 2013

Yes, the data format is final.  It is an extension of the original data
format that was used extensively during the first round of Collisions


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Dear Kevin,

On 04.11.2013 14:16, Kevin White wrote:
> I am the one who wrote that page, and did the data analysis.
> I intend to move the data to a shared location on the oarc-pool.  In 
> writing that page, I just basically invented a location, as a 
> placeholder, until the real location was made available to me.
> Since the intention was to copy the data to the shared storage, I have 
> not gone through the steps to copy all of the data onto all of the 
> machines in the cluster.

thanks for the clarification.

> As such, it is currently only available on an3.

So what I "see" on an1 might just be an (immature) subset of the complete
data sets then? If so one should rather wait until the publication has been
finalized, I guess.

Could I furthermore assume that the data format (column types etc.) is final

> I will update that page and send out notification to this list once 
> the shared storage location is available.

Thanks in advance - best regards,

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