[org-algorithm-roll] Friday Update 2020-09-25

Howard Eland heland at afilias.info
Fri Sep 25 20:47:06 UTC 2020


Here’s this week's update on algorithm roll for .ORG:

The new Algorithm 8 KSKs were added to each zone.
The new Algorithm 8 ZSKs were added to each zone.
The DNSKEY RRSet is now signed by both the algorithm 7 and algorithm 8 KSK for each zone.

Referring to Figure 8 in RFC 6781 <https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6781#section-4.1.4>, .ORG was moved from "new RRSIGs” to “new DNSKEY" on September 24th, and we are holding down.

Next week, we will initiate the IANA/PTI requests to replace the current DS records with a single type 2 DS record, matching the new algorithm 8 DNSKEY for each zone.

Have a great weekend!

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