[dsc] Listen on multiple interfaces

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Tue Oct 19 10:29:19 UTC 2021

Hi folks,

The dsc.conf man page says:

"interface IFACE | FILE ;
     The interface name to sniff packets from or a pcap file to read
     packets from. You may specify multiple interfaces."

So in my dsc.conf, I have:

interface em1 p4p2;

However, when DSC starts, it only logs:

Oct 19 10:06:14 hostname usr/bin/dsc[36839]: Opening interface em1

There is no mention of opening interface p4p2.

I am running DSC 2.3.0. Have I misunderstood the syntax of the 
"interface" option? Or is this a bug?

PS. Yes, I know I'm running an older version, but I need to review all 
the changes before upgrading all servers to a new version, and I haven't 
had time to review all the changes.


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