[dsc] dsc v2.9.0 released!

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Fri Mar 20 11:56:55 UTC 2020

Hi all,

This release adds support for receiving DNS messages over DNSTAP along
with documentation updates and eliminated compiler warnings.


Packages are available at: <https://dev.dns-oarc.net/packages/>

To enable DNSTAP support, install dependencies (check `README.md`) and
run configure with `--enable-dnstap`.

New configuration options:
- `dnstap_file`: specify input from DNSTAP file
- `dnstap_unixsock`: specify DNSTAP input from UNIX socket
- `dnstap_tcp`: specify DNSTAP input from TCP connections (dsc listens)
- `dnstap_udp`: specify DNSTAP input from UDP connections (dsc listens)
- `dnstap_network`: specify network information in place of missing
DNSTAP attributes

Other changes:
- Add documentation about extra configure options that might be needed
for FreeBSD/OpenBSD
- Fix compile warnings on FreeBSD 11.2
- Fix compile warning `snprintf()` truncation
- Packaging updates

60e6950 DNSTAP
af0417b README
1f1b489 COPR, spec
435e136 Package
3f24feb FreeBSD 11 compatibility
563b986 Funding


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