[dsc] Problem with CentOS 8

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Fri Jan 3 09:35:46 UTC 2020

Hi Eduardo,

On 2020-01-02 17:51, Eduardo Duarte wrote:
> I tried the setcap and disable the SELinux but I still get the same
> error... Any ideas how can I get more log for the error or any other idea?

I ran this successfully on CentOS 7 using the instructions you linked
but I did not change the group of the file. What I did was:

  $ cp /path/to/dsc .
  $ sudo setcap cap_net_raw+eip dsc
  $ ./dsc -d -f dsc.conf

If I changed the group of the file it wouldn't work.

There is no more log/error info because it does not get anything from

I suggest you retry on a new CentOS 8 installation, do everything but
change the group of the file, do not disable SELinux and write down each
step you do so we can look at it if it still does not work.

Another way would be if you can grant me access to the server.


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