[dsc] dsc-datatool v1.0.0 released & updated guides!

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Tue Aug 4 09:04:49 UTC 2020

Hi all,

This release brings a complete rewrite of the tool, from Perl to Python.
This rewrite was made possible thanks to funding from EURid, and will
help with maintainability and packaging.

Packages are available at: <https://dev.dns-oarc.net/packages/>

And the guide has been updated:

Core design and command line syntax is kept the same but as the
libraries the generators use have been changed additional command line
options must be used.

- client_subnet_authority (generator)

  This generator now uses IANA's IP address space registry CSVs to
  look up the network authority, therefor it needs either to fetch
  the CSV files or be given them on command line.

  See `man dsc-datatool-generator client_subnet_authority` for more

- client_subnet_country (generator)

  This generator now uses MaxMind databases to look up country based
  on subnet.

  See `man dsc-datatool generator client_subnet_country` for more
  information and setup guide of the MaxMind databases.

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