[dsc] dsc v2.8.0 released!

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Wed Mar 6 10:15:36 UTC 2019

Hi Klaus,

On 3/6/19 10:47 AM, Klaus Darilion wrote:
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>> Betreff: [dsc] dsc v2.8.0 released!
>> Hi all,
>> This release brings an new indexer `response_time` (funded by NIC.AT!),
>> support for MaxMind DB (GeoIP2) and an option to set the DNS port.
> Can you please provide an example how to configure DSC to use GeoIP2?

To configure MaxMind DB:

  maxminddb_asn "/path/to/GeoLite2/ASN.mmdb";
  maxminddb_country "/path/to/GeoList2/Country.mmdb";

Then enable that backend for the indexers that uses these types of lookup:

  asn_indexer_backend maxminddb;
  country_indexer_backend maxminddb;

This is both in the man-page (dsc.conf 5) and the example config
(dsc.conf.sample), was it not clear in them?


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