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Biesiadecki, Jack R. (ARC-IO)[ASRC RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS] jack.r.biesiadecki at nasa.gov
Fri Jul 19 19:48:03 UTC 2019

Hello Jerry,

I brought up a fresh FreeBSD 12 instance and complied/installed dnscap 1.10.1. I did not notice any errors and dnscap appears to have installed without issue, however, not all plugins are present, namely rssm.so.

anonaes128.la   anonmask.la     cryptopan.la    cryptopant.la   ipcrypt.la      pcapdump.la     royparse.la     txtout.la
anonaes128.so   anonmask.so     cryptopan.so    cryptopant.so   ipcrypt.so      pcapdump.so     royparse.so     txtout.so

Is there something I am missing?

Thanks again,

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