[dsc] dsc v2.8.0 released!

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Mon Feb 11 12:43:05 UTC 2019

Hi all,

This release brings an new indexer `response_time` (funded by NIC.AT!),
support for MaxMind DB (GeoIP2) and an option to set the DNS port.


Packages are available at: https://dev.dns-oarc.net/packages/

The new indexer `response_time` can track queries and report the time
it took to receive the response in buckets of microseconds or in
logarithmic scales (see `response_time_mode`). It will also report
timeouts, missing queries (received a response but have never seen the
query), dropped queries (due to memory limitations) and internal errors.

Here is an example output of log10 mode:

<array name="response_time" dimensions="2" start_time="1478727151"
  <dimension number="1" type="All"/>
  <dimension number="2" type="ResponseTime"/>
    <All val="ALL">
      <ResponseTime val="100000-1000000" count="77"/>
      <ResponseTime val="10000-100000" count="42"/>
      <ResponseTime val="1000-10000" count="3"/>
      <ResponseTime val="missing_queries" count="1"/>

New configuration options:
- `asn_indexer_backend`: Control what backend to use for the ASN indexer
- `country_indexer_backend`: Control what backend to use for the
  country indexer
- `maxminddb_asn`: Specify database for ASN lookups using MaxMind DB
- `maxminddb_country`: Specify database for country lookups using
  MaxMind DB
- `dns_port`: Control the DNS port
- `response_time_mode: Set the output mode of the response time indexer
- `response_time_bucket_size`: The size of bucket (microseconds)
- Following options exists to control internal aspects of `response_time`
  indexer, see man-page for more information:
  - `response_time_max_queries`
  - `response_time_full_mode`
  - `response_time_max_seconds`
  - `response_time_max_sec_mode`

- Add LGTM and fix alerts
- Update `pcap_layers` with fixes for `scan-build` warnings
- Fix port in debug output of DNS message, was showing server port
  on responses

f38a655 License
48cd44e Man-page, interface any, response time
8b9345f LGTM Alert
e57a013 DNS port
38aa018 Response time statistics
7a60d53 Cleanup
5c45ce2 Copyright
0dc8a3c MaxMind DB (GeoIP2)
473387b LGTM, README, packages, scan-build


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