[dsc] DSC to influxDB failing

Calvin Browne calvin at orange-tree.alt.za
Fri Apr 26 12:53:49 UTC 2019


My workflow DSC --->rsync/ssh--->DSC-datatool--->influxDB--->Grafana.

On the collector side, when I collect

dataset second_ld_vs_rcode dns Rcode:rcode SecondLD:second_ld 
replies-only max-cells=50;

I sometimes get records like:

<array name="second_ld_vs_rcode" dimensions="2" start_time="1556173500" 
   <dimension number="1" type="Rcode"/>
   <dimension number="2" type="SecondLD"/>
     <Rcode val="0">
       <SecondLD val="org.za" count="2"/>
       <SecondLD val="" count="2"/>
       <SecondLD val="amazonaws.com" count="1"/>

which ends up after DSC-datatool as

value=2 1556174460000000000

which chokes when I feed it into my 'influx -import'.

Naturally, it's because of the missing value at secondld=.

By question is, do I add a script in my workflow above, or is there 
somewhere in the workflow that will allow me to normalise that field 
(make it "null" or something). I went through DSC-datatool, and it's not 
quite clear if that's within it's ability, but my perl is limited.

Any pointers appreciated.



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