[dsc] DSC release 2.6.0

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Tue Jul 11 13:13:00 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Two new DNS filters and configuration for client subnet netmask has been
added thanks to pull request submission from Manabu Sonoda (@mimuret),
see `man 5 dsc.conf` for more details.


Packages are available at:


New DNS filters:
- `servfail-only`: Count only SERVFAIL responses
- `authentic-data-only`: Count only DNS messages with the AD bit is set

New configuration:
- `client_v4_mask`: Set the IPv4 MASK for client_subnet INDEXERS
- `client_v6_mask`: Set the IPv6 MASK for client_subnet INDEXERS

- Set `_DEFAULT_SOURCE`, was giving compile warnings on some platforms
- Update `pcap-thread` to v2.1.3 for compatibility fixes
- Fix bug where extra `"` would be OK in configuration
- Eat all white-space between tokens in configuration
- Minor documentation corrections

8a20421 Config parse quote/whitespace bug
4eb91d8 PR review and corrections
1dcdbc1 add supports statistics for DNSSEC validation resolver
        - SERVFAIL DNS message filter
        - AD bit DNS message filter
        - set custom mask for ClientSubnet
7c4ce7e Update pcap-thread to v2.1.3
f5d152c Corrected date
04f137d Prepare SPEC for OSB/COPR
402c242 Config header is generated by autotools


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