[dsc] DSC Release 2.4.0

Klaus Darilion klaus.darilion at nic.at
Fri Jan 27 21:40:17 UTC 2017

Thanks for your hard work, we will test 2.4 next week.


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> Betreff: [dsc] DSC Release 2.4.0
> Hi all,
> Since there have been a few major issues with the threaded capturing
> code it is now default disabled and have to be enabled with a configure
> option to use: `./configure --enable-threads ...`
> A lot of work has been done to ensure stability and correct capturing,
> as of now `dsc` is continuously running on the testing platforms with
> simulated traffic and tests are performance every 5-15 minutes:
>   https://dev.dns-oarc.net/jenkins/view/dsctest/
> With the rewrite of the config parser to C it was missed that Hapy
> allowed CR/LF within the values of the options.  Changing the C parser
> to allow it is a bit of work and having CR/LF within the value may lead
> to other issues so it is now documented that CR/LF are not allowed in
> config option values.
>   https://www.dns-oarc.net/files/dsc/dsc-2.4.0.tar.gz
>   dacbe67ed724be2d6b96f3f1f2a4eb5509ee7f6541b3adf7188afeb708a6179f
> Packages are available at:
>   https://dev.dns-oarc.net/packages/
> Fixes:
> - The `-T` flag was just controlling pcap-thread usage of threads,
>   it now controls all usage of threads including how signals are caught.
> - Fix program name, was incorrectly set so it would be reported
>   as `/dsc`.
> - Use thread safe functions (_r).
> - Handle very long config lines by not having a static buffer, instead
>   let `getline()` allocate as needed.
> - Use new activation in pcap-thread to activate the capturing of pcaps
>   after the initial interval sync have been done during start-up.
> - Use factions of second for start-up interval sync and interval wait.
> - Fix memory leaks if config options was specified more then once.
> - Use new absolute timed run in pcap-thread to more exactly end
>   capturing at the interval.
> - Fix config parsing, was checking for tab when should look for
>   line feed.
> - Exit correctly during pcap-thread run to honor `dump_reports_on_exit`.
> - Use 100ms as default pcap-thread timeout, was 1s before but the
>   old code used 250ms.
> - Various enhancements to logging of errors.
> New config options/features:
> - `pcap_buffer_size` can be used to increase the capture buffer within
>   pcap-thread/libpcap, this can help mitigate dropped packets by the
>   kernel during interval breaks.
> - `no_wait_interval` will skip the interval sync that happens during
>   start-up and start capturing directly, the end of the interval will
>   still be the modulus of the interval.
> - `pcap_thread_timeout` can be used to change the internal timeout use
>   in pcap-thread to wait for packets (default 100ms).
> - Log non-fatal errors from pcap-thread w.r.t. setting the filter which
>   can indicate that the filter is running in userland because lack of
>   support or that it is too large for the kernel.
> Special thanks to:
> - Anand Buddhdev, RIPE NCC
> - Klaus Darilion, NIC.AT
> - Vincent Charrade, Nameshield
> Commits:
> ee59572 Fix #111, fix #116: Update pcap-thread to v2.0.0, remove debug
>         code
> 64befef Update copyright year
> 40a1fb4 Fix #139: Use 100ms as default pcap-thread timeout
> 2a07185 Fix #137: Graceful exit on signal during run
> f1b3ec3 Issue #116: Try and make select issue more clear
> 950ea96 Fix #133: Return from `Pcap_run()` on signal/errors
> 667cc91 Issue #116: Add config option pcap_thread_timeout
> 3c9e073 Notice if non-fatal errors was detected during activation
> 4ea8f54 Fix #108: Document that CR/LF are not allowed within configuration
>         line
> 9fda332 Check for LF and not tab
> 15a1dc0 Use pcap-thread timed run to interface
> 1e98f8b Fix potential memory leaks if config options specified more then
>         once
> a9b38e9 Add missing LF and indicate what config option was wrong if
>         possible
> f8a2821 Use fractions of seconds for both start up interval sync and
>         timed run, always adjust for inter-run processing delay
> f47069a Fix #121: Update to pcap-thread latest develop
> fc13d73 Issue #116: Feature for not waiting on the interval sync
> c832337 Fix #122: Update pcap-thread to v1.2.3 for fix in timed run
> 4739111 Add `pcap_buffer_size` config option
> 7d9bf90 Update pcap-thread to v1.2.2
> ef43335 Make threads optional and default disabled
> c2399cf getline() returns error on eof, don't report error if we are
> 5c671e6 Clarify config error message and report `getline()` error
> 8bd6a67 Fix #114: Handle very long lines
> 47b1e1a Use _r thread safe functions when possible
> 0f5d883 Update daemon.c
> f18e3ea Update doc, -T now disables all usage of threads
> 57aacbe Honor the -T flag when installing signal handlers
> Cheers,
> Jerry
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