[dsc] 2nd Level and 3rd Level Domain

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Fri Sep 30 04:40:27 UTC 2016

Hi Maile,

On 09/29/16 20:03, Maile Halatuituia wrote:
> I install dsc-statistics from Ubuntu Reposi on Ubuntu 16.06. All is fine except there is no data on the 2nd and 3rd level domain and some other graph. I have already enable it on config file as it is disable by default still the same. I wish this should work as i think it is the most important data i guess , apart from just viewingthe TLD it's not much usefull and you need to know whether it is google or facebook or what ever ... pleas help as i really need to view the detail .

Did you check the configure file dsc.conf ?

I think you need to enable 2nd/3rd level domain datasets.


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