[dsc] DSC Release 2.2.0

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Mon Oct 10 10:44:20 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Some big changes in this release are the removal of the C++ configure
parser library Hapy and the addition of pcap-thread to (hopefully)
handle capturing packet in a correct and efficient way.


For Debian and Ubuntu packages please visit:


With the addition of pcap-thread comes new runtime options:
- `-m` sets monitor mode on interfaces
- `-i` sets immediate mode on interfaces
- `-T` disable the usage of threads in pcap thread

- d95190a fixes a small memory leak in `Pcap_init()` and a possible
  bug where `-p` might never been used because of not being declared
- 55e1056 added check for `netinet/ip_compat.h` for use in


0a1ce91 Fix coverity issues
5a1d410 Delete useless line (related to mayasd#84)
443db3e Check if the file was previously linked but not yet unlinked
        (Tim CLERC.IM)
02a7621 Fix #82: Oops, `pcap_thread_set_filter()` had changed during
        development and missed this
2a8aa29 Move definition of token struct inside and changed name to not
        conflict on FreeBSD
43da964 Fix #9: Implement conf parser in C and remove dependency of
        Hapy and C++
9f46f0d Update pcap thread to version 1.1.1
d95190a Use pcap thread, new options `-miT` and possible bugfix for
        `-p` and a small memory leak fix
55e1056 Fix #77: Check for netinet/ip_compat
4e120f9 Fix travis script, only expand dir.


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