[dsc] DSC Release 2.1.1

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Tue Jun 28 14:08:48 UTC 2016

"Hi, everybody!",

This release brings a fix to one bug that I noticed while working on the
Ubuntu and Debian packages :) more about that later.


- 22688c1 Fix pcap/select last_ts
  In some cases `select` will return the fd set as if there are packets
  to read but there aren't. That would case the last timestamp to not
  advance and the `Pcap_run` loop to never finish.
  This fix add a check on packets captured and sets last timestamp if
  none where caught.


d115b3f Correct configuration, missing `;`.
22688c1 Fix pcap/select last_ts
b6d3dd8 Fix package dependencies.
c8979c4 Add debian/ubuntu package files


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