[dsc] Release 2.0.0

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Wed Jun 1 13:16:08 UTC 2016


DSC 2.0.0 is now released, following are the release notes and changes
since release candidate.


This release brings a major update to the DSC software with the
separation of the Collector and the Presenter, this repository will only
include the Collector from now on.

Please read UPGRADE.md for information on upgrading from previous version.


Major changes / additions are:
- Use of Automake and rework of the Makefiles
- Conform to FHS 3.0
- Man-pages (man dsc, man dsc.conf)
- Continuous Integration testing using Travis-CI
- Compatibility testing on Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD and OpenBSD
- Use of Coverity Scan to find defects
- JSON output format, see output_format in dsc.conf(5).
- IPv6 support in country indexer and libgeoip is now runtime
  configurable, see geoip_v4_dat / geoip_v6_dat in dsc.conf(5).
- Signal handling and optional write reports on exit, see
  dump_reports_on_exit in dsc.conf(5).
- Upload scripts are deprecated

- Klaus Darilion NIC.AT for GeoIP IPv6 patch.
- Michael Braunoeder NIC.AT for NXDOMAIN filter patch.
- L-root for overflow bugfix IP fragments.
- McStork for JSON output patch.

Changes since release candidate:

1be5148 Fix #57: Flush the pid file to write it out and add test for
        pid file
0f79aa0 Use Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 semver.org


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