[dsc] Compilation Error

Azrol Hezri Badarudin azrol at tnb.com.my
Mon Sep 26 08:23:21 UTC 2011

Hi Anand,

Thank you but I have the solution here...


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On 26/09/2011 06:30, Azrol Hezri Badarudin wrote:

Hi Azrol,

> I am having problem to compile dsc on my collector server. Here is the
> problem. Any feedback is appreciated.
> g++ -o dsc base64.o generic_counter.o pcap.o ncap.o dns_protocol.o
> dns_message.o ip_message.o daemon.o md_array.o null_index.o
> qtype_index.o qclass_index.o tld_index.o country_index.o rcode_index.o
> qnamelen_index.o qname_index.o msglen_index.o client_ipv4_addr_index.o
> client_ipv4_net_index.o md_array_xml_printer.o ip_direction_index.o
> ip_proto_index.o ip_version_index.o certain_qnames_index.o
> query_classification_index.o idn_qname_index.o edns_version_index.o
> edns_bufsiz_index.o do_bit_index.o rd_bit_index.o opcode_index.o
> transport_index.o dns_ip_version_index.o dns_source_port_index.o
> ParseConfig.o config_hooks.o hashtbl.o lookup3.o xmalloc.o inX_addr.o
> -lsocket -lnsl -lresolv
> ../TmfBase/Hapy/src/.libs/libHapy.a
> Undefined                       first referenced
>  symbol                             in file
> pcap_file                                 pcap.o

Looks like you don't have libpcap installed. Or, if it's installed, the
compiler can't find it. If you're on RedHat- or Debian-like systems,
could you try to use your distro's package manager tools (RPM, DPKG) to
install the libpcap and libpcap-devel (or libpcap-dev) packages?


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