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Christian Petrasch petrasch at denic.de
Mon Mar 21 07:21:13 UTC 2011

Dear Stephen, 

for a DSC upgrade you have to update both, collectors and presenter. There 
is a new data structure in the xml format of the collected data, so the 
"old" presenter 
wouldn't understand. You have to migrate your old data with a script which 
is delievered in the new DSC package. I have done the upgrade this way..

1. I stopped collecting data.
2. Then I wait until all collectors transfer directories are empty 
(../upload/presenter .. )
3. Stop data transfer to presenter
4. Upgrade Collector
5. Start collecting data
6. Upgrade the presenter and the data structure (Store for the time you 
need for upgrading the presenter the collected data on the collector 
7. Start data transfer to presenter..

It's a little bit tricky, cause you will get a new data structure during 
the update...


Christian Petrasch 

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   1. Question about upgrading ancient version of DSC to most
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Message: 1
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 10:23:34 -0500
From: Stephen Johnson <stephen.johnson at arkansas.gov>
To: "dsc at measurement-factory.com" <dsc at measurement-factory.com>
Subject: [dsc] Question about upgrading ancient version of DSC to most
Message-ID: <1300375414.7093.49.camel at sjohnson.state.ar.us>
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Greeting. I've been running DSC since 2007. It's been a very handy tool
over the years. Especially recently when for a DoS episode we had.

I have an old pre-dsc-200801301758 version of DSC installed and running.
I'm about to make some major additions to my DNS infrastructure. So I'm
wanting to get DSC upgraded first and out of the way first. 

My question(s) is what order should I do the updates in. Should I do the
Collectors first and then the Presenter? Vice-Versa?  Do them all at
once? Or doesn't matter?

Thanks in advance. 
Stephen L Johnson  <stephen.johnson at arkansas.gov>
Unix Systems Administrator / DNS Hostmaster
Department of Information Systems
State of Arkansas


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