[dsc] usefulness beyond 3rd level domain

Mark Lutgen mark at citescape.com
Sat Apr 16 05:10:06 UTC 2011

I installed DSC after looking for quite a while for something that would
parse my bind9 query.log for detail information and, well, pretty graphs
people above me get a boost out of.

DSC, after several months, is still a mystery. I would love to have it
look and log beyond the 3rd level domain ... like to the 5th if possible.
I also haven't seen (yet) a part where I can use it to show who my top
abusers of DNS are and other interesting ISP stats.  Does anyone have any
advice on how to proceed with this software? I'd love to get more detailed
stats (to the 5th level) out of this software but if I need to add another
piece of software to supplement, I'm open. Please, give me some of your


Mark Lutgen
Systems and Network Administrator
CitEscape High Speed Internet

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