[dsc] pcap.c, const struct udphdr on Debian/kFreeBSD

Marc Haber mh+dsc at zugschlus.de
Tue Apr 12 08:49:25 UTC 2011

Hi Duane,

thanks for your fast answer.

On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 10:34:46AM -0600, Duane Wessels wrote:
> Near the top of pcap.c you'll find this:
>     #ifdef __linux__
>     #define uh_dport dest
>     #define uh_sport source
> My guess is that "__linux__" is not defined for this compile
> environment.

Probably. So linux' libpcap headers don't define these macros while
libpcap on other OSses do?

> I'm not saying it should be.  I don't know the ways of Debian/kFreeBSD.
> If there is another symbol that can be checked, we should include it
> in the if statement.

I'll ask Debian's kFreeBSD porters for comments and will report back.


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