[dsc] dsc listening on multiple interfaces

Marc Haber mh+dsc at zugschlus.de
Tue Sep 14 07:41:20 UTC 2010


I am trying to have dsc listen on two interfaces. This is my config:

local_address ::1;
local_address fe80::5054:ff:fe28:219a;
run_dir "/var/lib/dsc";
minfree_bytes 5000000;
pid_file "/var/run/dsc/dsc.pid";
interface lo;
interface eth0;

In the final configuration, I will listen on eth0 and eth1; the target
system is going to have like 30 IP addresses.  My current test box is
much simpler, which is the reason why I am listening on lo. My system
is running Debian lenny (kernel 2.6.26, libpcap 0.9.8).

First, I notice that I only have a single dsc process running while
the docs say that there will be two.

Second, I see that dsc is not writing out any data, and strace shows
that it sits tight on a "recvfrom(4,", while FD 4 is the socket opened
on lo. When I send a query on lo, the process gets moving, but it
isn't when the query comes in on eth0.

I am by no means a programmer, but shouldn't dsc use a non-blocking
syscall to read from the interface if it is listening on more than one
interface? Am I doing something wrong?

Any hints will be appreciated.


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