[dsc] dsc wishlist for building a Debian package

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Mon Oct 4 13:24:22 UTC 2010

Marc Haber (mh+dsc) writes:
> I have patched all issues so that the Debian package doesn't have any
> of these issues any more, but packaging would be significantly easier
> if the issues were addressed upstream. My patches are usually curing
> the symptoms and are surely not appropriate for applying them to your
> package, but I can publish them some time next week if you want to see
> them.

	Thanks, that could be useful to package DSC for other distributions
	(like FreeBSD).

> I would like to solicit comments from the DSC authors and the
> community before I go ahead and prepare and upload the package.

	Using Geo::IP sounds like a decent alternative to me.
	(my 0.02 EUR)


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