[dsc] dsc fails to run

Alexandre Chapellon alexandre.chapellon at mana.pf
Fri May 28 20:02:48 UTC 2010


I had dsc up and running for months on 4 of my bind servers.
We recently had to upgrade one of them and switched it to a Debian Lenny
amd64 OS.
I re-intsalled dsc collector on the new machine, compiling and
installing ran without complainning but dsc fails to launch with:

sudo /usr/local/dsc/bin/dsc -f -d /usr/local/dsc/etc/dsc.conf
complete failure
Pree.cc:70: assertion failed: 'i != rawEnd()'

Is it something anyone know about?
How could I troubleshoot?

Thanks in advance.
Alexandre Chapellon <alexandre.chapellon at mana.pf>
Mana SAS

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