[dsc] DSC futures meeting in Denver?

Duane Wessels wessels at measurement-factory.com
Mon Aug 23 23:49:44 UTC 2010

Greetings DSC Users!

In recent months I have been talking to some of you about what the
future holds for DSC.  I am not really in a position to give it a
significant amount of time (and have not given it much attention
for at least a year).

In October there is a DNS-OARC meeting in Denver, Colorado, USA and
I think that quite a few DSC users may be there.  I am proposing
to have a day (or perhaps 1/2 day) meeting of interested parties
to discuss the future of DSC.  Such a meeting would have an agenda
like this:

    - How do we use DSC now and what do we like
    - What asspects of DSC should be updated/fixed/improved/removed?
    - Can we put a plan in place to make it happen?

Note that I am assuming the DSC community generally feels that the
software should be evolved for our future needs.  If this assumption
is incorrect, now would be a good time to let me know :-)

To be clear: assuming we get to the final point in the above list,
I will be asking you (your companies) to make financial contributions
so that a programmer can be employed to implement the necessary
changes.  Details (such as amounts and where such money would be collected)
are not known at this time.  That will be part of the discussion.

Please let me know if you think such a meeting is a good idea and
whether or not you'd be able to attend.

Duane W.

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