[dsc] Running collector and presenter on same machine

Duane Wessels wessels at measurement-factory.com
Sat Nov 14 06:08:40 UTC 2009

On Fri, 13 Nov 2009, Brian Koontz wrote:

> Just installed the latest version of dsc.  I'm somewhat confused as to
> how to set up both collector and presenter on same machine.  I have
> set up run/ns7/upload/local, and see .xml files being generated and
> placed in ns7.  I also see date-formatted dirs being created in the
> local/ dir.  So at this point, I assume the collector side of things
> is working as it should be.
> However, I'm not sure what my destination dir is supposed to be.  I
> have data/ns7/local set up, but running the following doesn't seem to
> do anything:
> /usr/local/dsc/libexec/upload-rsync.sh ns7 local /usr/local/dsc/data/ns7
> I've read through the PDF multiple times, and simply can't figure out
> where the files need to go in order to be accessed via the CGI script.

Hi Brian,

Yes, this is not a well-documented arrangement.  What I typically do is
make the "upload" directory a symbolic link into the "data" directory.
For example:

    $ cd /usr/local/dsc
    $ ls -l run/SERVER/upload/local
    lrwxr-xr-x  1 dsc  dsc  35 Oct 22  2008 run/SERVER/upload/local -> /usr/local/dsc/data/SERVER/NODE/incoming

Where SERVER and NODE are set to your local server and node names.

Then when the collector "upload-prep.pl" script runs, it will put the .xml files
directly into the presenter data area.

Duane W.

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