[dsc] Problems in DSC latest version (dsc-200910121649.tar.gz)

Jose Romero jromero at rcp.pe
Wed Nov 4 16:23:21 UTC 2009

Hi List!


I find DSC an interesting and valuable tool. I have installed DSC in our DNS
servers but I have some problems with it. I will appreciate your help.


I have installed the collector in the DNS servers, all is fine there, the
XML files are generated every 60 seconds.


In other machine I have installed the presenter, it runs FreeBSD 7.2, Apache
2.2, all required Perl modules and Ploticus 2.40_1. 

The refile-and-grok.sh script process the XML files and generate the .dat


I can see the graphics for the following datasets:

dataset qtype dns All:null Qtype:qtype queries-only;

dataset rcode dns All:null Rcode:rcode replies-only;

dataset opcode dns All:null Opcode:opcode queries-only;

dataset rcode_vs_replylen dns Rcode:rcode ReplyLen:msglen replies-only;

dataset qtype_vs_qnamelen dns Qtype:qtype QnameLen:qnamelen queries-only;

dataset qtype_vs_tld dns Qtype:qtype TLD:tld queries-only,popular-qtypes

dataset idn_qname dns All:null IDNQname:idn_qname queries-only;  

dataset edns_version dns All:null EDNSVersion:edns_version queries-only;

dataset do_bit dns All:null D0:do_bit queries-only;

dataset rd_bit dns All:null RD:rd_bit queries-only;

dataset idn_vs_tld dns All:null TLD:tld queries-only,idn-only;

dataset transport_vs_qtype dns Transport:transport Qtype:qtype queries-only;

dataset direction_vs_ipproto ip Direction:ip_direction IPProto:ip_proto any;


But, I can't see the graphics for the following datasets:

dataset client_subnet dns All:null ClientSubnet:client_subnet queries-only

dataset certain_qnames_vs_qtype dns CertainQnames:certain_qnames Qtype:qtype

dataset client_subnet2 dns Class:query_classification
ClientSubnet:client_subnet queries-only max-cells=200;

dataset client_addr_vs_rcode dns Rcode:rcode ClientAddr:client replies-only

dataset chaos_types_and_names dns Qtype:qtype Qname:qname

dataset ipv6_rsn_abusers dns All:null ClientAddr:client
queries-only,aaaa-or-a6-only,root-servers-n et-only max-cells=50;


I don't see nothing in the apache error log. In the browser only appear "No
Data To Display At This Time" for these graphics. These files have data,
they're not empty:


~/20091103/client_subnet2_accum.dat ok 517 ok 1363 ok 27




1257224340 ok 9128 non-auth-tld 81

1257224400 ok 9686 non-auth-tld 28

1257224460 ok 9236 non-auth-tld 27




1257224340 ok 3834 non-auth-tld 14

1257224400 ok 3979 non-auth-tld 6

1257224460 ok 3828 non-auth-tld 6



~/20091103/client_subnet_accum.dat 12 9 9




in-addr.arpa 5 340

resufm.pe 3 2

directvla.pe 0 7




global_force.com.pe 3 4

g.gob.pe 3 4

connect.facebook.com 5 2



~/20091103/client_addr_vs_rcode_accum.dat 0 8 3 3 0 66



and so on ...


I trried enable debug in the dsc-grapher.cfg file with debug_level 0 and
debug_file /tmp/debug, but it don't work.


The only one error in the apache error log is when I try see the "IP
Version" - "Query Types" plots:

[Tue Nov 03 11:39:06 2009] [error] [client] Use of uninitialized
value in addition (+) at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.9/DSC/grapher.pm
line 1145., referer:

[Tue Nov 03 11:39:06 2009] [error] [client] Argument "IPv4"
isn't numeric in sort at
/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.9/DSC/ploticus.pm line 76., referer:


I have also tried to see the these graphics by URL:


And the browser shows:

"Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable
to complete your request."

In the apache error log I see:

"[Wed Nov 04 11:17:15 2009] [error] [client] Premature end of
script headers: dsc-grapher.pl"




Someone has any idea about this problem? Thanks in advance.




Jose Romero

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