[dsc] Second and third level domains not appearing

Duane Wessels wessels at measurement-factory.com
Wed Mar 25 16:40:38 UTC 2009

On Wed, 25 Mar 2009, Rob Gallagher wrote:

> Hi all,
> I recently migrated our DSC presenter to a new machine. Thought I'd
> gotten all the dependencies but it seems a few things are missing,
> mainly the second and third level domain datasets.
> The following errors appear in the dsc-xml-extractor.out log for each
> node:
> no extractor for second_ld_vs_rcode
> no extractor for third_ld_vs_rcode
> Is there a particular parser or perl module that I'm missing ?

Hm, I'm not sure why those would be missing.  If you look at your
source package, in the file presenter/perllib/DSC/extractor/config.pm
you should see this:

   second_ld_vs_rcode => {
     ndim        => 2,
     type1       => 'Rcode',
     type2       => 'SecondLD',
     outputs     => {
       second_ld_vs_rcode_accum => {
         data_munger => \&main::swap_dimensions,
         data_reader => \&DSC::extractor::read_data3,
         data_merger => \&main::merge_accum2d,
         data_writer => \&DSC::extractor::write_data3,

Then, of course, after a 'make install' there should be a 'config.pm'
file with the same contents installed in wherever perl modules
normally go on your system.  For me it is

Duane W.

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