[dsc] upload-prep.pl / documentation inconsistencies - collector

Stuart Browne stuart.browne at ausregistry.com.au
Mon Jul 13 04:14:06 UTC 2009


I found whilst following the instructions, there was an issue with the 'upload-prep.pl' routine the documentation states to use.

The documentation states:

% set prefix=/usr/local/dsc
% mkdir $prefix/run
% mkdir $prefix/run/ns0
% mkdir $prefix/run/ns0/upload
% mkdir $prefix/run/ns0/upload/oarc
% mkdir $prefix/run/ns0/upload/archive

The upload-prep.pl unfortunately only looks:

  run_dir "/usr/local/dsc/run";

upload-prep.pl extracts:

        next unless chdir $rundir;
                foreach my $upload (<upload/*>) {

This misses the server level of directory structure.

Attached is the change I had to make in order for it to work.

I also ran into the problem 'Catalin LEANCA' had in April.  The documentation should probably mention that 2.40 or older of ploticus should be used at this point.

Still poking and prodding as I'm learning this thing.

Anyway, back to making RPM's for local distribution..  The inability to relocate bits is making life fun :)

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