[dsc] Out of disk space errors on collector

Rob Gallagher robert.gallagher at heanet.ie
Thu Feb 19 09:38:42 UTC 2009

Hi all,

We've been using DSC (200901261740) quite happily for some time,
but in the last few days these errors have has been appearing in the
logs on one of our collectors:

 Feb 19 09:07:00 holden usr/local/dsc/bin/dsc[22014]: Not enough free
 disk space to write XML files

DSC does not write out the files resulting in gaps in the graphs.

The machine has 117GB of free space and no other applications are
complaining which seems to rule out the possibility of any
fragmentation problems. The system is running Ubuntu Hardy with a
2.6.24 kernel.

It's quite a strange problem and only seems to occur intermittently,
and we haven't come across it on four other identical boxes.

Anyone have any leads?


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