[dnscap-users] Release 2.1.1

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Wed Feb 8 15:12:06 UTC 2023

Hi all,

This release includes fixes to TCP state code, anonymizing plugins and
handling of EDNS extended error code.

Due to submodules in the repository please download this tarball:
sha256: ab1a3b1d174de4cd6011781fbc056f32a6472f8cdc2d2e482cb63c20bdb6e019

Packages are available at: https://dev.dns-oarc.net/packages/

- Ken Renards @kdrenard (PR #275) fixed handling of EDNS extended error
   code, the previous code looked at `arcount` but ldns "consumes" OPT
   records so the count could be zero even with existing extended error

- Changed anonymizing plugins to anonymize both sending and receiving
   IP address if both used the server port, part of issue #276 reported
   by Duane Wessels @wessels. This fixes situations where clients
   weren't anonymize because they sent using that port.

- Fixed multiple issues with garbage collection in TCP state handling.
   It was reusing a pointer that was meant to return the current TCP
   state so it could return the wrong state when garbage collection
   was triggered.
   It also just unlinked stale states and didn't free them, new code
   uses the discard function so released state is also tagged as
   "gc stale".
   Lastly the discard function was fixed to clear the current TCP state
   pointer used by plugins if the discarded state was it.

7f2ddcf Copyright
fd5b744 CodeQL alerts
726d241 TCP state GC
dff421e Anonymize clients
2eb8489 Add CodeQL workflow for GitHub code scanning
c5a0919 Better test for presence of EDNS option with extended error code


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