[dnscap-users] DNSCAP release 1.6.0

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Fri Dec 1 13:21:36 UTC 2017

Hi all,

New additions to the plugins:
- `rzkeychange` can now collect RFC8145 key tag signaling. Signals are
  saved during the collection interval, and then sent to the specified
  `-k <zone>`, one at a time, at the end of the interval. Only root zone
  signals are collected. Added by Duane Wessels (@wessels).
- `royparse` is a new plugin to splits a PCAP into two streams, queries
  in PCAP format and responses in ASCII format. Created by Roy Arends
- `txtout` new option `-s` for short output, only print QTYPE and QNAME
  for IN records. Added by Paul Hoffman (@paulehoffman)
- The extension interface has been extended with `DNSCAP_EXT_IA_STR` to
  export the `ia_str()` function.

Bugfixes and other changes:
- Remove duplicated hashtbl code
- `rssm`: fix bug where count in table was taken out as `uint16_t` but
  was a `uint64_t`
- Handle return values from hashtbl functions
- `txtout`: removed unused `-f` options
- Change `ia_str()` to use buffers with correct sizes, thanks to
  @RoyArends for spotting this!


Packages are available at:


3f78a31 Add copy/author text
1bd914d Fix CID 1462343, 1462344, 1462345
f9bb955 Fix `fprintf()` format for message size
abedf84 Fix #105: `inet_ntop` buffers
bfdcd0d Addresses the suggestions from Jerry.
dda0996 royparse :)
4f6520a royparse plugin finished
f1aa4f2 Fix #103: Remove `opt_f`
32355b7 Rearrange code to keep the change smaller and fix indentation
d6612c1 Added -s to txtout for short output
9d8d1ef Check return of `snprintf()`
55f5aba Format code
9f19ec3 Fixed memory leak in rzkeychange_keytagsignal()
58b8784 Fix memory leaks and better return value checks in
b06659f Add server and node to keytag signal query name
705a866 Always free response packets in rzkeychange plugin.
e802843 Implement RFC8145 key tag signal collection in rzkeychange plugin
5fbf6d0 Added extension for ia_str() so it can be used by rzkeychange
3be8b8f Split `dnscap.c` into more files
e431d14 Fix #92: hashtbl


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