[dns-operations] BIND9 and ADNS

daniel majela dmajela at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 13:11:01 UTC 2024

Lyle.... Talvez colocar essa subzona em cada servidor DNS também possa
resolver. Eu vou tentar fazer isso. muito obrigado.

Em seg., 26 de fev. de 2024 às 20:07, Lyle Giese <lyle at lcrcomputer.net>

> My understanding of DNS protocols and the end user's OS is that it is
> programmed with 2 or 3(usually) recursive DNS servers to query for all of
> the end user's needs. And that the recursive DNS follows the trail of DNS
> to find the answer the end user needs.  In which case the end users ip
> address is never going to hit or ask your load balancer any questions.
> The only way I can think of is to segregate those that need to query for
> that sub-zone by the recursive DNS server they are allowed to use and give
> that subset of recursive DNS servers that ability to query that sub-zone.
> Lyle Giese
> On 2/26/24 15:09, daniel majela wrote:
> Hey guys. I have "n" DNS servers on the network. I would like to
> configure a sub-zone that I will not publish on the network. Example
> would be: example.com.br and my subzone would be gslb.exemplo.com.br. On
> the server that owns the gslb.exemplo.com.br sub-zone, which is an ADNS
> balancer, I will add some targeting policies based on the origin IP. The
> problem is that the IP address that calls gslb is the server that owns the
> example.com.br zone and not the user's IP address and this way the policy
> will not work. I need the IP of the user's revolver to reach my ADNS and
> not the IP of the Resolver that owns exemplification.com.br. If anyone
> has a tip and if there is a solution, I would appreciate it.
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