[dns-operations] BIND9 and ADNS

daniel majela dmajela at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 21:09:03 UTC 2024

Hey guys. I have "n" DNS servers on the network. I would like to configure
a sub-zone that I will not publish on the network. Example would be:
example.com.br and my subzone would be gslb.exemplo.com.br. On the server
that owns the gslb.exemplo.com.br sub-zone, which is an ADNS balancer, I
will add some targeting policies based on the origin IP. The problem is
that the IP address that calls gslb is the server that owns the
example.com.br zone and not the user's IP address and this way the policy
will not work. I need the IP of the user's revolver to reach my ADNS and
not the IP of the Resolver that owns exemplification.com.br. If anyone has
a tip and if there is a solution, I would appreciate it.

Daniel Majela Galvão

(55-012) - 9-8201-9885
(55-012) - 9-9761-1511
(55-012) - 32076909
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