GoDaddy DNS broken IPv6 Resolvability / Note on NS sets

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Mon Feb 5 11:49:03 UTC 2024 and ns82 very specifically and intentionally do not have AAAA records so that they may serve domains where the registrar/TLD does delegation checks and to varying degrees of consistently fails the IPv6 resolution check and rejects the delegation for the domain in question.  We are aware of no good reason for these failures other than (at least historically) the IPv6 infrastructure implementation between these testing clients and our global/anycast nameservers being unreliable.

Brian L. King (blk at
Senior Linux/DNS Administrator, Go Daddy

On 2/4/24 09:26, Tobias Fiebig wrote:
> Moin,
> throwing this here on the list, as it might drift by someone who finds
> this useful and/or can do something about it.
> During some measurements recently, a couple of colleagues and I noticed
> that for some reason a lot of domains in specific TLDs (.it/.fr (nearly
> all), .de (~half), couple of other TLDs) related to hosting by GoDaddy
> ( are not IPv6 resolvable.
> We found that a bit odd, as we had previously seen that GoDaddy had
> fixed DNS resolvability for the domains they host back in 2017, when
> they added missing AAAA glue for [1].
> Taking a closer look shows that these domains use
> / as NS, which lack
> AAAA records, instead of /
>, which are found in most other GoDaddy hosted
> domains.
> Somewhat related, as secondaries for are now in
> The delegation NSset and authoritative NSset (and records)
> seem to differ. Not a practical issue in most cases, but i'd be really
> curious about the reason (if it is intentional and the reason can be
> shared; Can imagine sth. CDN related?)
> So, does anyone know more about either of these two points or maybe
> knows whom to motivate to fix this (well, at least the
> thing)? ;-) This is a big chunk of names that can be
> made v6 ready all at once.
> With best regards,
> Tobias
> [1]

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