GoDaddy DNS broken IPv6 Resolvability / Note on NS sets

Tobias Fiebig tobias at
Sun Feb 4 16:26:02 UTC 2024

throwing this here on the list, as it might drift by someone who finds
this useful and/or can do something about it.

During some measurements recently, a couple of colleagues and I noticed
that for some reason a lot of domains in specific TLDs (.it/.fr (nearly
all), .de (~half), couple of other TLDs) related to hosting by GoDaddy
( are not IPv6 resolvable.

We found that a bit odd, as we had previously seen that GoDaddy had
fixed DNS resolvability for the domains they host back in 2017, when
they added missing AAAA glue for [1].

Taking a closer look shows that these domains use / as NS, which lack
AAAA records, instead of /, which are found in most other GoDaddy hosted

Somewhat related, as secondaries for are now in The delegation NSset and authoritative NSset (and records)
seem to differ. Not a practical issue in most cases, but i'd be really
curious about the reason (if it is intentional and the reason can be
shared; Can imagine sth. CDN related?)

So, does anyone know more about either of these two points or maybe
knows whom to motivate to fix this (well, at least the thing)? ;-) This is a big chunk of names that can be
made v6 ready all at once.

With best regards,


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