DNS .com/.net resolution problems in the Asia/Pacific region

Wessels, Duane dwessels at verisign.com
Tue Jul 11 22:24:21 UTC 2023


Last week, during a migration of one of our DNS resolution sites in Singapore, from one provider to another, we unexpectedly lost management access and the ability to deliver changes and DNS updates to the site. Following our standard procedure, we disabled all transit links to the affected site. Unfortunately, a peering router remained active, which was not immediately obvious to our teams due to the lack of connectivity there.

Over the weekend, this caused an issue that may have affected the ability of some internet users in the region to reach some .com and .net domains, as DNSSEC signatures on the site began expiring. The issue was resolved by powering off the site’s peering router, causing the anycast route announcement to be withdrawn and traffic to be directed to other sites.

We are updating our processes and procedures and will work to prevent such issues from recurring in the future.

The Singapore site is part of a highly redundant constellation of more than 200 sites that make up our global network. This issue had no effect on the core resolution of .com and .net resolution globally. We apologize to those who may have been affected.


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