[dns-operations] PTR Records for Broadband Network?

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at dukhovni.org
Wed Nov 23 17:36:36 UTC 2022

On Wed, Nov 23, 2022 at 12:44:46PM +0000, Michele Neylon - Blacknight via dns-operations wrote:

> Many many moons ago we setup the PTR records for our network using a
> template that clearly flagged that the IPs were static and used for
> hosting.
> Fast forward to 2022 and we now offer broadband to both businesses and
> consumers, but unfortunately some streaming services and others are
> blocking access. So our users have issues with Disney+, All4, Netflix
> and Ticketmaster to name but a few examples. One of the issues appears
> to be the PTR records.

You need to find out whether the streaming service filters are based on
reverse DNS, BGP AS number, or some third party service that classifies
IP sources (in which case tweaking DNS will make no difference).

Do you have your own AS number?  Is it the same for both the business
and consumer address blocks?  Does the WHOIS data for these clearly
distinguish between their uses?

I'd also consider becoming a customer of some of these streaming
services and then opening support tickets as a customer (rather than a
third party) when service is unavaible for your IP address.

I am sceptical that PTR records are the problem, but you could of course
experiment with an alternative PTR format (or no PTR records at all for
the consumer IPs) and see if it helps.

You could also volunteer the non-static consumer IP blocks to the
SpamHaus PBL, which might also help signal the use-case, provided
of course that direct-to-MX email from the consumer pools is not
a supported service.


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