[dns-operations] Input from dns-operations on NCAP proposal

Dave Lawrence tale at dd.org
Mon Jun 6 14:57:01 UTC 2022

John R Levine writes:
> Unfortunately, now we've circled back to where we started.  Remember that 
> the NC in NCAP stands for Name Collision, and the whole point of the 
> project is to figure out how risky it is to add familiar looking new 
> names.

I seem to be exceptionally derpy right now, but I'm realizing I can't
articulate why it can't be done with the standard NXDOMAINs that the
roots have been issuing all along.

I do get that preciously data about junk queries to the roots has
largely been distilled from DNS-OARC's DITL data, and that has its
limitation.  Is part of the issue here that there is a
little/moderate/severe hesitation to ask the RSS operators to 
make any changes for collecting data about this directly?  Have they
been approached about it and already rejected the idea?

To be clear, I'm not saying they *should* do it.  I'm just trying to
better understand the context.

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