[dns-operations] [Ext] Re: Browser Public suffixes list

Kim Davies kim.davies at iana.org
Sun Aug 28 23:40:32 UTC 2022

Hi Jothan,

Quoting Jothan Frakes on Saturday August 27, 2022:
> I am really frustrated that the materials developed for IANA to share to
> avoid things like this were not distributed, as awareness would have led to
> earlier request, which in turn would have diminished the propagation timing
> gap with the browser side.

I'll confess to being quite perplexed because it sounds like IANA has
dropped the ball, but I am at a loss as to what IANA materials you
are referring to. I am not aware of any materials developed for IANA
to distribute, and we don't have an existing practice of relaying
information about third party projects to TLD managers. Apologies if
I've completely overlooked something.

I know you and I have had discussions in years past about other TLDs
that were missing from the PSL, and I've asked if there were ways IANA
could contribute. The impression I came away with was the PSL guarded
its independence and therefore there wasn't a role for IANA. In light of
that I'd shared with you some sample code that I felt could immediately
be used by the PSL maintainers to identify gaps, or built upon to
trigger additions in your workflow:


If PSL is still not automatically recognizing new TLDs, I would suggest
it would still be a better approach to automate rather than putting
the burden on each and every TLD manager to manually request to be
added. After all, the underlying truth of a TLD's existence is easily
ascertainable with existing tools without adding extraneous workflow


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