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rubensk at nic.br rubensk at nic.br
Fri Aug 26 22:57:57 UTC 2022

> So bottom line, browser behavior is not based on DNS resolving, nor by any IANA list, but rather on the PSL.
> As I wrote earlier we have already merged the diff into the list.
> The next update of firefox and hopefully chromium based browsers (sept 26), should contain the updated list.
> The only browser we could not find any documentation on this matter is Apple's safari.
> p.s It has nothing to do with right to left scripts.

In my experience launching gTLDs, it takes a few months for Safari to reflect published PSL. It seems they add that at the beginning of a release cycle, instead of the tail-end like Firefox and Chrome.
If you have any Apple device with AppleCare contract, you can use that to open a support case for that platform (Mobile Safari and Desktop Safari have different release cycles). That won't speed things up, but can provide you emotional comfort.


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