[dns-operations] BlackHat Presentation on DNSSEC Downgrade attack

Jean-Pierre.Seifert at external.telekom.de Jean-Pierre.Seifert at external.telekom.de
Mon Aug 15 07:43:42 UTC 2022

I would like to correct the claims of Peter Thomassen. I am the PhD advisor of Nils Wisiol and unfortunately allowed Peter to join the project at a very late stage as suggested to me by Nils. To clarify: the project started long ago before Peter joined and contrary to Peters claim's I don't remember any new contributions or discoveries since then. We have Emails and Overleaf logs that document everything.
In fact, since the contributions were marginal a year ago, we offered Peter Thomassen to remove himself from the paper, which he refused, but insisted to stay as a coauthor, but without contributions. For good atmosphere we have not forced him unfortunately, ... .
Due to my unlucky agreement to allow Peter to work with us, I decided to leave that project entirely and let the BH 2022 authors continue that work without any headaches caused by my person.
So, please take what Peter writes with a grain of Salt.
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