[dns-operations] Full-service resolver - Pending Upstream Query behaviour

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Tue Oct 5 20:41:55 UTC 2021

Paul Ebersman wrote on 2021-10-05 13:23:
> fneves> ...
> vcunat> I'm not sure if there can be *one* BCP way.
> Definitely would need to be more a bag of tricks that operators can
> mix/match based on their actual environment, customer base, etc.
> Paid vs free probably have different concerns and obligations.
> Folks with lots of smaller sites with lower qps rates per server vs
> folks with a few much larger sites will have different pain points and
> remediations.
> I'd suspect that there are very few things that are always a good idea
> for everyone everywhere.
> ...

as a coauthor of resimprove, i suspect differently. some behaviours are 
universally good, and these should be sought. what's at issue in the 
cache miss data path is not what's good for a site or an operator, but 
what's bad for the system as a whole. adding load to a nonresponsive 
path is a universal badness, for example.

if there are additional, more circumstantial, ways to handle cache miss 
transactions, we should enumerate them. but, at heart, we have to 
control our offered load, and we have the signal (timeouts) needed to do so.

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