[dns-operations] Verisign won't delete obsolete glue records?

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.email
Mon Mar 1 23:24:19 UTC 2021

I'm being told something by my registrar which I find impossible to 
believe, but they keep telling me that they have accurately transmitted 
my request, and that the answer is no. "Let me 'splain. No, there is too 
much. Let me sum up."

Back in the day, new name servers were created, and the host names of 
those name servers lived in one of the zones that were delegated to 
them. Glue records to the rescue! Now that entire zone, which includes 
those old name server host names, has been delegated to a new set of 
name servers with host names in completely different zones. Therefore 
the glue records (registry host records) are no longer relevant, and I 
want them deleted.

Verisign is telling me (through my registrar) that they refuse to do 
this, as long as those host names still have domains delegated to them. 
That will continue to be true essentially forever, because it makes no 
sense to pay exorbitant change fees just to update old name server host 
names. Instead, we are readdressing the old host names so that the 
domains delegated to them will be served by the new infrastructure.

So what am I missing here? I know that in the past it was possible, and 
in fact desirable, to remove those obsolete glue records, but now it's 
impossible to do it?


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