[dns-operations] maybe a small tcp flood

Rose, Scott W. scott.rose at nist.gov
Thu Jun 17 12:37:20 UTC 2021

Was it for missing DS RRs?  We saw something similar here when they were 
doing an algorithm rollover and had to pull the DS RR from the TLD. Saw 
a spike of traffic for DS RRs, but over UDP mostly, with some TCP.  They 
slowed down and stopped when the DS RR was replaced in the TLD.


On 17 Jun 2021, at 4:47, Randy Bush wrote:

> trying to understand what we are seeing, and assume other are seeing 
> it
> too.
> tcp query flood for cctlds and sec.cctlds, could be others
> being sent via popular open servers: goog, neustar, ...
> O(100)qps or higher
> randy
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> randy at psg.com
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