[dns-operations] CDS/CDNSKEY deployment survey

Moritz Müller moritz.muller at sidn.nl
Mon Jul 5 14:51:13 UTC 2021

Wilco has wrapped up his research and wrote a short report about his findings.
Thanks to all of you for participating.
The report is final, but feedback is of course always welcome.



A few months back, you have received a questionnaire enquiring about the state of DNSSEC provisioning automation at TLD registries. Thanks again to everybody that filled out the questionnaire. The results of the questionnaire, as well as other results on the state of DNSSEC provisioning automation, can be found in the paper:
If you are working with provisioning automation, it may be useful.

Kind regards,
Wilco van Beijnum
University of Twente
The Netherlands


— Moritz

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> Subject: CDS/CDNSKEY deployment survey
> Date: 12 May 2021 at 15:52:54 CEST
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> Hi all,
> I’m working at the .nl registry and am currently supervising a bachelor student at the University of Twente, the Netherlands.
> He is looking into the deployment of RFC 7344 and RFC 8078 (CDS/CDNSKEY).
> You could help him a lot if you could take the time to fill out his short survey below, especially if you are a TLD operator.
> Thanks a lot!
> ——————————
> Hello,
> For my BSc Research Project at the Technical Computer Science study of the University of Twente in the Netherlands, I am performing research on the current state of DNSSEC automated provisioning support, as specified in RFC 7344 and RFC 8078. Part of this research focuses on the current state of support at TLD registries. To gather information on this, I have set up a short questionnaire, which only takes about 2-5 minutes to fill out, depending on the amount of detail you want to provide. Filling out this form would be greatly appreciated: https://forms.gle/KWoLdvJTPSWNPXwP6. The findings of this research will be made available to the public.
> Kind regards,
> Wilco van Beijnum
> University of Twente
> ——————————
> Best,
> Moritz
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